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                                 BUCK KID PRICES

Kids start arriving early February 2011 and I will post what I have to offer at that time. Bucks will be available as bottle babies, vaccinated and disbudded at 3 days old for $100 registered and $50 non-registered intact or wethered. If I raise them, the cost is $300 for registered and $100 for non-registered intact or wethered. 

                           DOE KID PRICES

Doe kids from Senior Does range in price from $250 - $375, Doe kids from registered Junior Does will be $200 and Grade doe kids are $125. All doe kids will be able to leave the farm at 10 weeks. They will be vaccinated, disbudded and tattooed and have the registration application ready for you to send in.

We have 4 Alpine bucklings available NOW! And some 50% Saanen/50% Alpine doelings.

More kids due soon.

Email me for info and pics. Use the form in the sidebar.

PATTI gave me 2 beautiful SAANEN BUCKS! SOLD

Both are for sale for $300 each. Patti's registered name is Old Dominion Patty Cake and the sire is my Bonnie Blue Farm Sir Nibbler. Nibbie's sire is SG Companeros Cascade out of SG DRY-CREEK-HOLLOW DYNA VISION, out of Redwood Hills Scrim Lightening.


You can see their pedigrees on the doe and buck pages. These kids were born 2/4/11 and will be ready to go to new homes mid-April. I will post some pics soon.



FRENCH ALPINE Iron-Rod Abner Susan is Fresh with a very nice buck kid! 2/6/11

He is for sale $300 SOLD

Susan kidded with triplets once again, but unfortunately two were stillborn. This little guy is healthy and a gorgeous cou claire like his dam. His sire is American Alpine Ophelia's Magic Bold Brutus. He has stature; very long legs. He will be ready to go to his new home in mid-April. 



Katey kidded with twins; a buck and a doe sired by American Alpine Ophelia's Magic Bold Brutus. Katey is a registered Experimental 50% Saanen and 50% Alpine, she is out of one of my best Walnut- Fork does, Karisma and sired by my Saanen buck, Nibbie. This doe as a FF milked STRAIGHT through what should have been her 2nd lactation and is now fresh again as a 3-year old. Her doe kid is for sale for $275 and will be ready to go to her new home mid-April.  


                FRESH NOW!


                               KETAVAN and CLAIRE


"SNIP" Walnut-Fork Sault Whatever Bred to Brutus TRIPLETS! 2/7/11 2 does and a buck!

 Snip's Doe 1 ~ Ophelia's Magic T'ut a L'Heure AA1555369

              Snip Doe 1    

                        Snip's Doe 2 ~ SOLD


                        Snip's Buck ~ SOLD

               Snip Buck

ODESSA (Grade La Mancha) FF bred to Purebred Nubian) SINGLE 2/8/11 White doe kid!

                            Odessa's Doe ~ SOLD

                    Odessa Doe 

Walnut-Fork Claire de Lune FF kidded 2/13/11! Single buck kid. She was bred to Purebred Nubian. SOLD

Pics Coming soon...

KETAVAN (daughter of Walnut-Fork Kabul Karisma) FF Bred to Purebred Nubian TWINS 2/8//11 2 does! One Chocolate with black trim and a white splash and silver ears. The other is chamoisee with silver ears! Very cute.

                         Ketavan's Doe 1 ~ SOLD

                Ketavan's Doe 1

                              Ketavan's Doe 2 ~ Retained

               Ketavan's Doe 2

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