The Story of PATTI CAKES! Goat Milk Soap


                              Old Dominion Pumkin Pie

The story begins with Old Dominion Pumkin Pie, a registered Saanen dairy goat from very fine milking bloodlines. She was to be the matriarch and the start of my herd of Saanen goats. Yes, I bought her for her genes and potential milking ability. I had also that year, purchased two other Saanen goats as well bred as Pumkin; a buck and another doe. We had a trio of registered Saanens! Tragically, we lost Pumkin the summer of her second year to toxemia. It was a very sad day all around, we had lost a lovely, personable doe and her admired genetics.

A couple of months later I was in the market for some more does and I really wanted another Saanen for my herd. I got wind of some dairy goats for sale in North Carolina and sent off an email inquiring as whether they were still available, one was a Nubian dairy goat and the other was a Saanen. I was not interested in the Nubian, but I wanted to see pictures of the Saanen and her pedigree to see if it would mix well with the bloodlines of my buck and other doe. The pictures arrived in my inbox and at first glance I already knew who had bred this animal; she was an Old Dominion Saanen. Old Dominion does carry distinct characteristics; stature being first and foremost, then body type, no slight of bone on these animals, they are well built! When the registration paper arrived, I was proved right. She was an Old Dominion Saanen and her name was Old Dominion Patty Cake. I thought that was cute and I kind of just glanced over the rest for the paper. Then, something went off in my head - there were a lot of familiar names on this paper, so I looked at it again more closely. The dam's name was same as the dam of Pumkin Pie and the sire's name was too. How uncanny is that? So, I knew the two does were related; they were full sisters. Better than that - they were TWIN SISTERS! Same birthdate! My genetics had been returned to me. I knew there was no other home for Patty Cake than Night Sky Farm, Pumkin Pie in a way had come home too.  

This past spring 2010, Patty Cake delivered triplet doe kids! Pretty soon, we will have a whole herd of Patty Cakes and Pumkin Pies, just what I wanted.  :)

                                   <3  PATTI CAKES! <3


                                 Old Dominion Patty Cake                   

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