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    Here is the happy couple, Zebra or Zee Zee, as she is fondly known and dear Cosmic. Oh, Cosmic, what an absolutely, beautiful boy you are! And those ears - Zee Zee's aren't bad, but yours are even longer and very true to your breed. (I know, you don't milk the ears which is why we also have La Manchas, the earless wonders.) I do have a "Nubian Silver Ear" fetish - I love them! 


      Zee Zee freshened 2/2/11 with a Cosmic son!

            ZZ Buck 2

            ZZ Buck 1

The Nubians are not the only ones who milk well, the rest do as well. The Saanens pump out the most and the Alpines are not far behind. The La Manchas are on par with the Nubians as far as butterfat amounts and close to the Alpines in pounds of milk produced. Each breed has their better points and their shortcomings, but they are all good. 

The herd now numbers around 50, including the bucks, dry does, milking does and young stock. Everyone is out on pasture and either has their own shelter or if you are a milking doe or very young kid, you get to reside in the new barn

.               DSCF0018 

When the weather is cold, the milking does are indoors at night, otherwise they are only in to milk or during times of bad weather. Our pastures supplement their feed and the goats are regularly moved from one section to another. The pasture though, is not their only food source.       


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